The Refugee Crisis

Last month the Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council hosted Herbert Quelle, the Consul General to the Federal Republic of Germany at Xavier University.

Consul General Quelle focused his speech on “The Refugee Crisis: The Policy Responses in Germany and Europe.”

Quelle discussed the unprecedented flow of refugees moving into Europe, how it affects Germany and the European Union, and what America needs to do to help aide the cause.

Consul General Quelle briefly touches on the stereotype that Germans aren’t as welcoming to immigrants. What once was a stereotype is now just a myth with the amount of migration that has happened in Europe and the rest of the world. Consul General Quelle points out, “Now 20% of the (German) population has migration backgrounds and there are four million Muslims living in the country.”

The amount of Muslims in Germany nearly doubles the total in the United States.

Linette, Martin, Catharina, Michelle, Herbert Quelle, HQ Wife, Arnela

L-R: Board Members, Linette Kuy, Martin Wilhelmy, Catharina Toltzis, PhD., Executive Director, Michelle Harpenau, Consul General, Herbert Quelle, Mrs. Quelle, Programs Manager, Arnela Zekic

With seven million people displaced in Syria, Germany has spent about 17 billion euros in financial support and registered nearly one million refugees.

While many will question how countries can survive with such a large influx Quelle adapted ‘We Will Manage’ as the current slogan of Germany. The country plans to add as many refugees as they can with no ceiling number. With that being said he believes this side of the Atlantic, the United States specifically, needs to help and open their doors and hearts. “The more we (America) invest in refugees the less stress there will be on the European Union.”

Consul General Quelle asks for more empathy and understanding for refugees. “We have to draw a line and distinguish between terror and refugees.”

Distinguishing the difference could help bring more order to countries such as Germany, one of the many countries taking on pressure to help Syrians.

XU consul general to germany speaking

Consul General Herbert Quelle speaking at Xavier University



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Written by: Arnela Zekic, Programs Manager

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