Programs & Services

“We believe that relationships between nations aren’t just about relationships between governments or leaders – they’re about relationships between people, particularly young people.” Michelle Obama, First Lady

The council builds global understanding through its custom designed best-in-class international training, education and exchange programs. To discover what you, your company, or your kids may want to get involved with, check out the options below.

Global Education

The GCWAC brings the world to your classroom!

For the past two years, the GCWAC has reached almost 3,000 students within the Cincinnati region through the Council’s Global Education programs! The GCWAC provides co-curricular and extra-curricular programs for Cincinnati region schools at low to no cost. The GCWAC is committed to helping students EXPLORE, ENGAGE and EXPERIENCE their WORLD! Learn more here.

Global Visitor Programs

GCWAC has a long history of administering international training and exchange programs for visitors. As a professional or student, you are able to meet with the visitors coming to Cincinnati to explore and share your expertise or discover what it is like in Egypt, China, and more first-hand. Learn more here.


The active speakers and networking opportunities in which the GCWAC invites national and international authorities to speak on their area of expertise will allow you to experience  your world without leaving the region.  Previous speakers have included representatives of the diplomatic corps, government officials, scientists, human rights activists and artists. Learn more here. 

Global Connections to Cincinnati

Are you interested in connecting with the international community in Cincinnati? You have come to the right place!

Our Global Connections is a compilation of global businesses, organizations, and specialists in the Cincinnati region. Find anything from foreign-based trade associations to international festivals to language classes and translation, and much more. Engage with your world right here in Cincinnati!


For a nominal fee, the council will create for you a custom-designed program for students and professionals of all ages from around the world including people active in global relations locally. The GCWAC will immerse you in the business world and American culture. Learn more here.