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Global Classrooms

Global Classroom is a global education program initiated by the Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council (GCWAC). GCWAC reaches out to local universities and the Cincinnati community to find students from a foreign country and asks them to create a cultural presentation based on their native country. Then they are brought into a public or private elementary or middle school classroom to present to K – 8 students and answer questions.

All Global Classrooms start with map skills activities which tests their knowledge of the continents and where countries are located all around the world. Although all Global Classrooms can be slightly tailored to fit the class’s objectives the presentations all generally cover: country facts and statistics, history, dress, food, currency, music, important figures, daily routines, family life and current events. Every Global Classroom is ended by quizzing the students on what they learned and answering questions about the country. This peer to peer exposure of different, current day peoples and cultures is very impactful on local students.

2012 Global Classrooms included: China, Liberia, Egypt and Indonesia.

2013 Global Classrooms: TBD


International Education Summit (IES)

IES 1The International Education Summit is an annual global education program designed to raise awareness of high school students regarding their future careers in the international field. Each year a different global topic is chosen and experts in that field are brought in to discuss their role in combating the issue. Not only are students able to listen to a panel discussion on the designated subject, but they are provided individual opportunities to speak directly with the presenters in “speed networking” sessions where they meet with professionals in related fields. The Summit focuses on all workforce opportunities as representatives from governmental, community and private organizations are in attendance.

Students also receive information about studying abroad during college as well as opportunities such as the Peace Corp. Local university’s International Affairs Offices are invited to table and present information to the students as well.

2011 topic – World Economy

2012 topic – World Cultures

2013 topic – Global Environmental Issues


Model APEC

Model APEC 1Our Model APEC (Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation) simulation, similar to Model UN, puts high school students in the positions of government ministers, where they negotiate resolutions, debate, and resolve issues on their assigned economy’s behalf. Model APEC provides students with knowledge of contemporary world issues such as free trade, terrorism, and the effects of globalization. It also develops skills in research, negotiation, critical thinking, diplomacy and persuasion. Through learning about APEC, students will work through the problems that economic leaders face first hand.

Local competitions are held in March and student teams begin preparing by December or January. Awards are given out to Best: Heads of State, Security Ministers, Social Ministers, Science and Technology Ministers, Finance Ministers and Environmental Ministers. This experience based learning is very effective and help students develop problem solving and critical thinking skills needed in college and beyond. The GCWAC partners with the University of Cincinnati on this event annually.


Academic WorldQuest (AWQ)

Since 2004, the council has held the Academic WorldQuest (AWQ) trivia competition in the Greater Cincinnati region. AWQ is an annual flagship program of the World Affairs Councils of America, (WACA) one of the GCWAC’s national affiliates. AWQ test students’ knowledge on international affairs and events and the competition puts Greater Cincinnati’s high schools against each other in a battle for the ‘Best of the Quest’!

Each year WACA sends out the ten topics and a Study Guide to assist the student teams in preparing for the competition. Topics have included geography, current international events, foreign policy, alternative fuels, Middle East, global children’s health, genocide, transnational crime and leaders. Scholarships are awarded to the first place team, and they are sent to represent our region in the national competition in Washington, D.C. The local competition is held in January and the national competition is held in April.


Great Decisions

Each year community groups across America meet to discuss eight foreign policy issues pre-determined by the Foreign Policy Association (FPA). The Great Decisions Global Education Program celebrated 50 years in 2004, making it the longest standing Global Affairs education program in the country. To guide discussions, the Great Decisions book offers informative essays on the topics at hand. Furthermore, a Great Decisions DVD with expert discussions is provided to aide in moving along the discussion. Once a topic is explored to members’ satisfaction, opinion polls are filled out by participants, compiled and sent to Washington to aide in policy formulation.

The Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council will be reviving the Cincinnati Great Decisions group in the fall of 2014. Classes will be offered and hosted by the GCWAC in partnership with other community organizations. Check back for more information.


Global Speaker Programs

The Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council holds a variety of different speaking engagements for members and the community. These speaking events include: international luncheons, Global Gaggles and dinner events. Sign up for our FREE email invitations and newsletters to be notified of speaking engagement opportunities!

International Luncheons are when the Council invite a speaker to join for lunch and speak about a relevant global topics. Speakers have included the General Consul to Turkey and Canada as well as a Foreign Service Officer from the Department of State. The GCWAC partners with like-minded community organizations to produce these events.

Global Gaggles are evening speaking events that incorporate international visitors visiting Cincinnati through an exchange program hosted by our Council. Visitors visit Cincinnati to learn and discuss a variety of professional topics including Women’s Rights, US Judicial System, Conflict Resolution and many more. The Council invites the community to come engage with these visitors, hear their point of view and ask questions.

Dinner Events are held for prominent speakers who are speaking on a current or important global issue. Some topics for evening dinner events have included: Thinking Strategically about America’s Future and Then and Now, the Cuban Missile Crisis. These events are usually first available to the GCWAC members and then, if not sold out, available to the general community.