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Business - (EACC) Middfest International Botswana 2012 Speaking at Northern Kentucky International Trade Association (NKITA) Ambassador's Lunch, Indonesia, Middfest International 2009

Are you interested in connecting with the international community in Cincinnati? You have come to the right place!

The Global Connections are a compilation of global businesses, organizations, and specialists in the Cincinnati region. Find anything from foreign-based trade associations to international festivals to language classes and translation to specialists in different international fields, and everything in between! These resources include arts and culture, education, health, immigration, social services and more! Engage with your world right here in Cincinnati!

What will I find under the Business Links?

Foreign chambers of commerce, government connections, Honorary Consuls, foreign trade and investment associations, Free Trade Zones, translations services and much more!

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We offer English language training programs for business professionals, spouses, and children of all ages. Our goal is to help you speak English with confidence. Our highly-qualified staff can design a program that will precisely meet your needs including work situations, public presentations, and informal conversational and life skills. Every course utilizes “whole-language” methodology, combining listening, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary/idiom instruction into an effective learning program designed to match your objectives and learning style.