International English Teachers Visit NKU

Connecting English Teachers to the United States “What do you call the food- you might eat it at the movies- it gets puffy when it’s cooked…” Dr. David Gutmann asked this open-ended question to a unique class today at Northern … Continue reading

Education through Partnerships

Partnership Benefits Cincinnati Students In February, Partnership for Innovation in Education (PIE) and the scientific research company 3M announced a partnership directly benefiting 600 Cincinnati middle school students. The PIE team connected 3M Milford plant engineers to the students through … Continue reading

The Council Participates in National Conference

Global Ties 2015 On February 4, 2015, Michelle Harpenau, Executive Director; Katie Krafka, Director of Global Education; and Catharina Toltzis, Board Chair, flew from CVG Airport to Washington DC for a three day national conference with over 600 attendees hosted by one of Greater Cincinnati … Continue reading