Academic Membership

Academic Membership

“There is no longer anything foreign about foreign policy.” – John Kerry. Borders are just lines on a map. Our education programs diminish those boundaries.

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Join the Global Leaders of Tomorrow Society 

Along with membership benefits, your financial support of Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council means we can continue growing our education programs and keep registration costs to programs at a minimal price for students.

Membership for schools means supporting students growth in 21st century skills.

21st century skills = GLOBAL SKILLS!

In 2016, GCWAC has been able to help 21st century skills and global competency of 8000+ students.

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Our educational programs help students develop knowledge, skills, work habits, and character traits such as:

  • Critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning, interpretations, synthesizing information
  • Research skills and practices, interrogative questioning
  • Creativity, curiosity, imagination, innovation, personal expression
  • Perseverance, self-direction, planning, self-discipline, adaptability, initiative
  • Oral and written communication, listening
  • Leadership, teamwork, collaboration, cooperation
  • Global awareness and global competence

All 21st century skills can be intertwined and global awareness and competence is at the forefront for GCWAC!










Membership Has Benefits – Starting at $250 

In the past years, GCWAC has been able to connect students with international people of countries such as India, Pakistan, Germany, Zimbabwe, and more! Students have also participated in the Academic WorldQuest, International Education Summit, and Build the World.

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All GCWAC members receive the following benefits for 1 year:

  • GCWAC’s monthly newsletter
  • Free admission to Global Gaggles
  • Free or discounted admission to GCWAC public events and education programs
  • Discounts on subscriptions to The New Yorker, Foreign Policy, and other publications
  • All memberships are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law
  • Monthly call opportunities with top authors on foreign affairs

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GCWAC Members Are Engaged

A three-time student participant of the Academic WorldQuest stated, “Teens are curious about the world, and after all we are all global citizens sharing one planet.”